PREFACE    (Complete Rules Can also Be Downloaded Here)

The Western Fuel Altereds Racing Series has been developed to provide fun, safe and affordable heads up racing.

This is not an alternative sanctioning body and with that must comply with all rules and regulations of the track sanction.

At NHRA tracks we are considered an “association”. Therefore we are required to meet the rules outlined under ET and/or Adv ET in the NHRA rulebook. The “Nostalgia Rules Supplement” does not apply to our “association”.

Prior to competition all cars must pass a safety technical inspection by the track, or track assigned personnel. Failure to comply with track requirements is grounds for dismissal and forfeiture of any monies and points associated with the event. Any dispute that cannot be resolved between the competitor and the track shall be brought to the attention of the series director prior to competition.


Every competitor must be a member of the series to compete at an event. Membership dues not paid prior to the event will be deducted from the competitors final payout at the first event attended.

Annual Membership is $250. *This fee can now be paid online via Paypal. There will be a $10.00 processing fee when you use this option. 

Pay using PayPal now:


Thank you for becoming a member.



Modified Shootout..  Everyone runs, whether it is 8 cars or 20 cars.  First round the quick 8 get paid. Second round the quick 8 in second round get paid. Each round stands individual to determine payout. The quick 2 ET’s, from either round, come back to RACE in the final. Red lights do not count during round racing for payout, only in the final. 


The payout will be determined based individual round performance. (Refer to race procedures)

You must get an ET to be paid for any round.


The Western Fuel Altereds Race Series consists of a 12 month series. The final points standing will be determined based upon the total points accumulated throughout the season. 



All cars must be front engine ALTEREDS, or modified roadsters, center steer, Nostalgia-type pre-1948 body, 23 T, Bantam, Fiat, etc.. 

Maximum 140” wheel base. Minimum 99” wheel base.  Front overhang shall not exceed 40 inches from the centerline of the front axle.


Nitromethane use limited to standard helix 6.71 supercharger only. Maximum 50%.






Single Magneto or Distributor only.


Screw-type supercharger prohibited. This includes but not limited to, PSI and Whipple.

Roots-type standard, high-helix, and retro permitted on gasoline-, racing-gasoline-, and alcohol-burning cars. Maximum size 14.71.



In general, there are no engine rules to 6.70 et. If you want to run faster than 6.70 and get paid, you must meet the engine requirements.

Complete Rules Can also Be Downloaded Here