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The Western Fuel Altereds was the brainchild of Jim Maroney, owner of American Flowtech and now a Top Fuel Dragster owner & driver. Jim came from a family of drag racing that dates back to the early 1950's. Following in the footsteps of his father, and with the help of his other family members, Jim built and ran a hemi powered, nitro fuel altered called "Family Legacy". With the decades long ban of fuel altereds leaving a vacancy in the hearts of passionate drag racers and fans alike, Jim felt the need and saw the opportunity to fill that void and created the Western Fuel Altereds in 2010.

The WFA consists of committed and highly talented owners, crew members and drivers. We travel throughout the southwestern US helping tracks fill the seats and thrill the fans. In addition to the long, loud, tire smoking burnouts and side by side, stand on your seat racing action, we're family friendly. Our pits aren't roped off and fans can get up close. Kids love to sit in the drivers seats & parents love to take their pictures. Teens and adults love to talk and ask questions when standing right next to the cars while we're working on them. It's ALL about the fans and ALL about the show!

We run methanol or nitro, supercharged or turbocharged altereds, but many of us also have funny car bodies as well. We occasionally enjoy mixing it up and racing Altereds against Top Dragsters, Top Sportsman Cars and Pro Mods with funny cars thrown into the mix here and there. We race 1/8 mile events as well as 1/4 mile events and thus we're more geared toward 1/4 mile, mid 6 second, 200+ mph racing.

Thank you and we hope to meet you in person at a track near you!


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